Joby Ogwyn talks about near death experience on 'Everest Jump Live'

Joby Ogwyn is an expert explorer who has climbed the 7 highest mountains in the world and even flew off of one of them in a wing suit.
By Aileen Graef  |  March 27, 2014 at 6:27 PM
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Joby Ogwyn told Discovery Channel about his near death experience climbing Mount Everest on "Everest Jump Live."

Ogwyn was climbing Everest for the third time in 2008 and completed the trip in 9 and a half hours. When he reached the top, he had run out of oxygen. He took his radio and threw it off the side of the mountain because he knew the only thing that mattered was getting back down.

Without oxygen, Ogwyn had to rest every 5 or 6 steps -- what he said kills trekkers, "they sit down and they just can't get back up again."

He says the most memorable moment of the experience was when he started talking to someone on the mountain about getting down and after a few minutes of talking to him, realized he was talking to a corpse. Ogwyn's hallucinations inspired him to keep moving.

"I thought, 'If I sit here for anymore time, I'm going to end up just like this guy.'"

"I got up and I marched myself down all the way in one day. The only guy who ever did that -- me. I don't say that too much and it sounds like I'm bragging about it. I'm not because it had been my stupidity that got me into that bind in the first I got myself in it, but I also got myself out of it."

Ogwyn will be the first person ever to base jump off Everest in May. "Everest Jump Live" is a series leading up to the jump, which it will stream.

[Discovery Channel]

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