Arab League Summit kicks off in Kuwait

Arab leaders are gathered in Kuwait for the 25th Arab League summit. Discussions and workshops will be held to address regional instability, internal disputes, and economic development.

JC Finley

The 25th Arab League summit is underway in Kuwait. This year's theme for the two-day conference is "Solidarity for a Better Future."

The Arab League summit, the Omani News Agency reported, "seeks to ease tension among the Gulf states, which has been affected mainly by the Syrian crisis, political developments in Egypt and the Palestinian cause, thus it faces a difficult, but not impossible task to narrow the differences between the brothers."


Arab leaders agreed to tackle a weighty agenda that includes discussion about the Syrian civil war, Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations, internal Arab disputes, economic development, and terrorism.

The Arab League extended an invitation to the head of the Syrian opposition, Syrian National Coalition President Ahmad Jarba, and UN-Arab League Joint Special Representative and Syria peace talks mediator Lakhdar Brahimi to address the summit.

On the topic of Mideast peace negotiations, the Arab leaders are expected to issue a statement urging an end to Israeli aggression against Palestinians and advocate the establishment of an independent Palestinian state.

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