EU to impose ban on e-cigarette ads

STRASBOURG, France, Feb. 26 (UPI) -- The European Parliament Wednesday approved rules that would ban e-cigarette advertising beginning in mid-2016 in the European Union.

E-cigarettes will be required to carry health warnings, must be child proof and the amount of nicotine must be limited, the New York Times reported.


The rules were approved by a vote of 500-63, with 60 abstentions, in Strasbourg, France. They still must be approved by some individual states, the newspaper said.

The Times said the vote ratified a December agreement between Parliament and 28 EU states to update tobacco rules, which were first imposed in 2001.

Tech Times said all EU countries must increase the size of health warnings on cigarette packages, including photos of diseased lungs, teeth and mouths on cartons.

The report said the legislation also includes a ban on several flavored tobacco products, as well as smaller 'lipstick-style' packs designed to be carried in women's purses.

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