Shots fired at Russian TV journalists covering protests in Ukraine

KIEV, Ukraine, Feb. 20 (UPI) -- Journalists with the Russian television network RT say shots were fired at them Thursday as they prepared for a live broadcast about the protests in Ukraine.

A crew with the network was setting up on the balcony of the Hotel Ukrayina in Kiev when bullets flew into the room, RT reported.


RT correspondent Egor Piskunov said the hotel had become "the epicenter in this situation," with bullets flying into rooms on the top floors.

"Opposition snipers were also hiding behind cameramen on top of our hotel," said RT correspondent Alexey Yaroshevsky.

A video producer on the 14th floor of the hotel said a bullet grazed his bullet-proof vest and nicked a camera before lodging in a wall. He was not injured.

Three camera operators working for the network's Arabic news channel were detained by rioters in the early afternoon. They were freed after RT producers negotiated their release.

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