Saudi father urged to drop charges over teacher spilling tea on son

Jan. 7, 2014 at 2:42 PM
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RIYADH, Saudi Arabia, Jan. 7 (UPI) -- Saudi bloggers are urging a father not to pursue his court case against a teacher who spilled hot tea on his child in kindergarten, Gulf News reported Tuesday.

Saudis criticized the father, Majed al Gamidi, for "blowing the issue out of proportion," causing the teacher to be fired and forcing her to "face a lawsuit," Gulf News said.

The teacher reportedly was holding the cup when the man's 4-year-old boy moved by her and the tea spilled on his head and hand. The boy was treated at school and the teacher was fired.

"My son was on his second day at the kindergarten," Gamidi told Saudi newspaper Okaz. "When I went to pick him up ... I noticed that he had burns on his hand. I asked the employee and she told me about the incident, I took him to a hospital near the kindergarten where they treated him. I then went to the police where I lodged a formal complaint."

"That is utterly unfair," one online commentator said. "The teacher was wrong, but she did not mean to harm your son. We are happy he is fine and you should not use the incident to make the teacher jobless. I am sure that if the teacher were your wife or sister, you would plead in her favor, arguing that she needed the job and that she was taking care of a family and worked hard to feed them," he posted.

Another blogger asked the father to withdraw his complaint and help reinstate the teacher.

"What happened to your son is an unfortunate incident that could have easily happened at your own home," the blogger said. "Do not make the teacher lose her job."

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