Pope Francis sets up panel to fight sexual abuse by clergy

VATICAN CITY, Dec. 5 (UPI) -- Pope Francis, at Vatican City, said he will establish a panel to advise him on how the Catholic Church should protect children and help victims of clergy abuse.

An advisory panel of cardinals suggested the pontiff set up the special commission, ANSA reported Thursday.


During morning mass at the Vatican guest house where he lives, Pope Francis denounced those who speak of Catholicism but don't match their words with deeds.

"A Christian world without Christ at its center leads to vanity, to pride -- power for the sake of power," the pope said during his sermon.

"Words are good," he said, "but only if they are put into practice."

If the words are empty, the pope said, "they hurt, they deceive us, make us believe that we have a beautiful home, but without a foundation."

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