German legislative chamber to seek ban of neo-Nazi party

Dec. 2, 2013 at 2:21 PM
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BERLIN, Dec. 2 (UPI) -- States represented in the upper house of the German parliament say they will try again to ban a neo-Nazi party they claim is damaging the country's democracy.

States in the Bundesrat said they planned to submit on Tuesday a petition to the Constitutional Court to ban the National Democratic Party of Germany (NDP), The reported Monday.

The court rejected a 2003 ban sought by both houses of parliament as well as the government, ruling too much evidence came from people acting as paid agents.

The petition to be submitted by the Bundesrat includes only publicly available information as well as two reports from university researchers.

One of the reports cites a "continuity in ideological direction" from Adolf Hitler's Nazi party of the 1930s and '40s to the NPD. The other report claims the actions of the present-day Nazi party has "already led to the limitation of public democratic life at the local level."

The petition claims the NPD wants to deport foreigners and migrants as well as German citizens the party does not consider to be sufficiently German.

The states also maintain the NPD has violated the tenets of peaceful democracy by rejecting the democratic parliamentary process and its "relativism" toward injustices committed by Nazis and "the state's monopoly on the legitimate use of force."

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