Germany probes homicide with similarities to 2001 cannibalism case

DRESDEN, Germany, Nov. 29 (UPI) -- German police found body parts that suggest a homicide carried out by a police officer as part of a cannibalism plot, a newspaper report said.

The Berlin-based tabloid Bild said the body parts were found Wednesday in the Ore Mountains, in the East German state of Saxony, evidence of a slaying carried out as part of a cannibal fetish act by an unidentified police officer, 55, a handwriting analyst in the State Criminal Police office in Dresden. The suspect is believed to have killed the property owner, 59, after meeting him on a cannibalism website.


The spokesperson for Lorenz Haase, the head prosecutor in the case, said only that "the men knew each other."

The victim was cut into small pieces in early November and many pieces have yet to be found, leading investigators to believe cannibalism was involved, Bild reported.

If the reports are true, the incident would be the second time two German men met on the Internet and engaged in a cannibalism killing, the news magazine Der Spiegel said. The country was shocked by a similar case in 2001, when Armin Meiwes killed Bernd Jurgen after the two ate Jurgen's severed penis together. Meiwes was arrested over a year later.


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