Nine power substations in Mexico blown up, causing 15-hour blackout

MORELIA, Mexico, Oct. 28 (UPI) -- Simultaneous weekend attacks on at least nine electrical power substations in Mexico caused blackouts across Michoacan state, authorities said.

The incidents early Sunday were used as a cover to engage in arson attacks against at least four gasoline stations. While no deaths or injuries were reported, they served as a reminder of the strength of drug gangs and other criminals in the area, the Los Angeles Times reported Monday.


Attackers with Molotov cocktails simultaneously disabled the electrical substations of at least nine cities and towns in Michoacan, interrupting power for 15 hours. The gasoline stations were then set ablaze, the newspaper said.

"The only thing we can conclude ... is that the organized criminals are winning the battle against federal and state authorities," said Miguel Angel Chavez, leader of the opposition National Action Party. He added he considered the violence in Michoacan a terrorist attack.

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