Rescue teams evacuate residents after typhoon in India

BHUBANESWAR, India, Oct. 15 (UPI) -- Typhoon Phailin and flooding in the Indian state of Odisha has affected more than 12 million people and killed 26 victims, rescue authorities said.

Flooding from the Budhabalanga river killed five of those victims, the Press Trust of India said.


The river flooded two highways and destroyed nearly 250,000 homes, the Hindustan Times reported.

Teams rescued nearly 70,000 people from shelters Tuesday and brought them to safety.

Although residents have criticized the government's response to the flooding, authorities said the flood waters are receding and that people are being evacuated. The typhoon hit land Saturday packing 124 mph winds.

The army is also preparing for further flooding in other parts of the state as rain falls incessantly, the Times said.

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