Typhoon Nari's death toll in Philippines reaches 13

MANILA, Oct. 13 (UPI) -- Officials in the Philippines said Sunday 13 people had been killed by Typhoon Nari, which blew through the islands this weekend.

Rescue efforts were under way in Central Luzon as Nari moved back out to sea on course for a landfall in Vietnam.


Nari, the latest storm in a busy Asian typhoon season, roared into the Philippines Friday night packing plenty of rain and winds howling 150 kilometers (93.2 miles) per hour, Gulf News said.

Emergency officials said the fatalities included a police officer killed by a mudslide, five people struck by falling trees and others from drowning and electrocution.

A government spokeswoman in Manila said rescue crews were still trying to reach a large number of people stranded by the storm, and the coast guard continued to restrict ships and boats to port.

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