Militants in Yemen attack military, police installations; kill 26

SANAA, Yemen, Sept. 20 (UPI) -- Militants attacked military and police facilities in Shabwa province in southern Yemen Friday, killing 18 soldiers and eight police officers, officials said.

The militants used car bombs and heavy artillery in carrying out their attacks, CNN reported.


Eight Yemeni police officers were killed in a raid on a police compound in Azzan, the suspected home for hundreds of al-Qaida militants, authorities said.

Twelve soldiers were killed in an attack on the Rothom district military compound, while six troops died in an attack near Mayfah district, officials said.

In the Azzan attack, militants seized control of the police compound and looted it, a security official told CNN.

"Those who tried to fight the militants were killed," the official said, adding that other officers surrendered and were taken prisoner by the militants.

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