Mystery of cat massacre investigated in Canada

PRINCE ALBERT, Saskatchewan, Aug. 3 (UPI) -- Authorities in Saskatchewan say they are mystified at the discovery of nearly two dozen dead and injured cats outside Prince Albert.

Eighteen animals, most of which had been beaten and possibly drowned, turned up July 25 in an area south of the city, and five more showed up a few days later.


There were no clues Saturday as to who they belonged to or what caused their injuries.

"They had their heads stomped in," said Diane Campbell, who found the animals on her property.

All the cats were soaking wet.

"One had a broken back, one had a damaged eye and I don't know whether any of them had been poisoned at that time, I don't know ... but they had all been drowned as well," Campbell told the Canadian Broadcasting Corp.

Police turned the case over to the Prince Albert SPCA to see if the agency could track down the owner or owners of the cats. The agency has posted photos of the felines to see if anyone recognized them.

SPCA spokeswoman Leanne Roberts said it was important to track down the culprits for reasons beyond the shocking nature of the carnage.


"To be able to do such active cruelty on a living creature with obviously no remorse or empathy, it makes you wonder what else goes on in their lives," she said. "If they can do this, where does it stop?"

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