Denmark to begin demolition of hazardous Nazi-era bunkers

COPENHAGEN, Denmark, July 25 (UPI) -- Some of the hundreds of crumbling Nazi-era bunkers on Denmark's coastline will be torn down as safety hazards, officials say.

About 120 of the most dangerous concrete edifices will be demolished in a $2.1 million program to protect beachgoers, The Denmark Post reported Thursday.


Germany built 600 bunkers along the Danish coast during World War II to guard against attacks from the North Sea, but the installations have long been considered dangerous relics.

Their destruction has been delayed by concerns over who would pay for the work.

Demolition is scheduled to begin Monday, with the removal of a bunker on Langerhuse beach near the town of Harboore, after the environment and transport ministries recently reached an agreement with several west Jutland councils.

Coastal authority Kystdirektoratet will contribute $1 million toward destruction of the bunkers, while nature agency Naturstyrelsen will put in another $710,000. Councils will pay $3,550 for each bunker on their land.

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