Two hitchhikers in Germany lie down in road, are killed

SEELOW, Germany, July 18 (UPI) -- Two hitchhikers in Seelow, Germany, attempting to secure a ride by lying down in the road, were killed when a vehicle ran them over, a third hitchhiker said.

The victims were identified only as a man, 30, and a woman, 25, from Poland, attempting to get back over the border from Germany to Poland, Polskie Radio reported Thursday.


The three had been camping in the Seelow area and spent several hours Wednesday trying to get a ride over the border, said Slawomir Konieczny, police spokesman for Poland's Lubusz region, which is adjacent to the border between Poland and Germany.

The surviving camper said the victims decided a car would stop if they were to lie down in the middle of the road. He admitted to Poland's TVN television network the three had been drinking.

A van approached late Wednesday night, running over the victims. The driver, 41, was unharmed, Polskie Radio said.

There was no word on whether the driver would be charged.

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