Swedish man spared prison for death of son in hot car

ESLOV, Sweden, July 16 (UPI) -- A Swedish man whose 2-year-old son died after the man left him locked in a car for 8 hours while the man was at work has received a suspended sentence.

The father, a resident of Eslov in southern Sweden, admitted to police he forgot to drop his son off at daycare May 7 and did not notice when he arrived at work that the boy was still in the car. When he got back to his car, the 2-year-old was still in the back seat, unresponsive.


The daycare center acknowledged the boy's mother was not notified the child had not arrived, which is supposed to be standard practice.

The father admitted to manslaughter in a negotiated settlement of the charges against him, The reported Tuesday.

He was spared both imprisonment and a fine.

"If all parties are in agreement on the punishment, then we choose this path because it costs much less and does not involve the courts," Mats Svensson, the chief prosecutor, told the news agency TT. "Put simply, you could say that the suspended sentence is a warning."

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