Turkey ordered to pay compensation for police mistreatment

STRASBOURG, France, July 9 (UPI) -- The European Court of Human Rights has ordered Turkey to pay damages to a woman who says she miscarried after a police beating.

The court ruled in three cases involving six individuals, two of them women.


Gulcin Yesilmen Bozdemir and Masallah Yesilmen, who live in Istanbul, said they were arrested in 1997 by anti-terror police looking for Bozdemir's brother, who is married to Yesilmen. Bozdemir said she lost the baby she was carrying while Yesilmen said she was threatened with rape.

The court found Turkey had failed to investigate the women's charges effectively and ordered payment of 6,000 euros ($7,700) each.

The court also ordered Turkey to pay 15,000 euros ($19,000) each to Zuhal Subasi and Ali Coban. The two men said they were arrested in 2006 after they attended a May Day demonstration in Izmir and were subjected to beating and tear gas.

Turkey was also ordered to pay 1,200 euros ($1,535) each to Hakkı Dinc and Zinar Cakır, 17-year-olds who were arrested during a series of raids after a shop in Nusaybin was firebombed. They said they were held in pre-trial detention for an inhumanely long period.


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