U.S. border surge draws negative reaction in Mexico

MEXICO CITY, June 26 (UPI) -- The U.S. Senate's proposal to spend $46 billion to help secure the nation's southern border is drawing a negative reaction from Mexico.

Congressman Fernando Belaunzaran of Mexico's Democratic Revolution party tweeted the plan amounted to militarizing the border "as if we were at war," the Los Angeles Times reported.


Columnist and academic Lorenzo Meyer told a national radio audience Mexico should retaliate by kicking out U.S. officials who are collaborating with the Mexican government in fighting drug cartels.

"Neighbors don't do this to each other," wrote Univision news anchor Jorge Ramos in the newspaper Reforma.

Ramos also criticized Mexico's government for not speaking out against the move that he said would affect millions of Mexicans.

Jorge Castaneda, a former Mexican foreign secretary, said it is "shameful" that Mexico is silent in the face of a reform that includes doubling the number of border patrol agents.

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