Mexico City mayor under fire for case of 12 who disappeared from a bar

MEXICO CITY, June 20 (UPI) -- Mexico City Mayor Miguel Angel Mancera is catching flak from media and others over the disappearances last month of a dozen people from a bar.

Mancera has been fighting accusations that he mishandled the disappearances in the still-unresolved case, the Los Angeles Times reported Wednesday.


Mancera is considered a potential presidential candidate for the left-wing Democratic Revolution Party.

A columnist posted on the website Sin Embargo that Mancera suffers from "political autism"

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The mayor hasn't proved to be a "a distinct or distinguished head of government," a writer for Proceso newsmagazine said.

The Times said the disappearances, along with other recent violent acts, sparked a national debate about whether Mexico City is reverting to destabilizing drug-gang violence after several years of calm compared with other Mexican cities.

"I would like to believe, as an inhabitant of this city, that it is not, but I cannot rule it out," Juan Francisco Torres Landa, secretary of the civic group Mexico United Against Crime, told the Times.

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As a mayoral candidate, Mancera claimed some credit for the falling city crime rate during his time as top prosecutor, including a 12.5 percent reduction from 2010 to 2011 under Marcelo Ebrard's mayoral administration. Mancera won the election and took office in December.


However, the Times said, it would be difficult for Mancera to ensure a safe environment if organized crime groups have decided to terrorize the city.

The mayor has been pressuring his staff to solve the disappearance case, telling reporters "no one is guaranteed a place in my government if they don't get results."

The city prosecutor's office announced Tuesday the head of the missing persons bureau, Francisco Carlos Trujillo Fuentes, had stepped down.

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