Ashes of 87-year-old missing in mail

HAMILTON, Ontario, May 14 (UPI) -- The cremated remains of an 87-year-old Ontario grandmother, Vivian Campbell, have been lost in the mail, officials said.

Canada Post transported the parcel and handed it over to the United States Postal Service, but an empty container with an open lid arrived at its destination of Denver, Colo., The Hamilton Spectator reported.


"Those ashes are sacred," her daughter, Gwyn Campbell, said. "I'm wondering what I'll put in the ground."

Last October, Vivian went for a walk and never came back to her Buffalo, Wyoming, Home, police said.

A few days later, her body was found one mile from her house.

Per her wishes, her body was taken to a Hamilton funeral home, where she was cremated, the Spectator said.

The funeral home packaged the remains, but it is unclear how they were sealed and what paperwork was included.

From there, her remains made their way to the United States, but somewhere along the way, the lid was opened and the remains were lost.

Canada Post and the USPS said they are doing everything they can to find the remains.

"We are taking full responsibility to look for this," Rupert said.


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