Settlers angered by Israeli army destruction of tent outpost

JERUSALEM, May 3 (UPI) -- Israeli settlers said Friday they would protest the army's destruction of a tent and meeting room built in memory of a settler who was killed this week.

The outpost on a hilltop near their Yitzhar settlement was torn down before dawn by soldiers in what settlers said was violation of an agreement it could stay in place until the end of the mourning period for Evyatar Borovsky, The Jerusalem Post reported.


Borovsky, 31, was stabbed to death Tuesday at a West Bank bus stop near the village.

On Wednesday, officials with the Samaria Regional Council set up a tent and a one-room wooden structure to be used for meetings. The tent was stocked with two tables, a fan and some sofas.

Gershon Mesika, head of the council, said he hoped to get permission to build a settlement at the location and that an agreement had been reached with the Israeli army to allow the structures to remain until the end of the mourning period for Borovsky on Monday.

Some settlers were sleeping at the site when security forces arrived to tear it down, Mesika said.


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