New music video by Psy viewed more than 27.6 million times in one day

April 14, 2013 at 12:25 PM
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SEOUL, April 14 (UPI) -- The music video for South Korean pop star Psy's new song, "Gentleman," has been viewed more than 27.6 million times in the day since it was uploaded on YouTube.

Psy performed "Gentleman" for the first time Saturday night in front of 50,000 people during his "Happening" concert in Seoul, ABC News reported.

The music video for the song was premiered during latter half of the concert and has since been viewed on YouTube more than 27.6 million times.

"Gentleman" features lyrics that mock men who dress nicely but act poorly. The video for the song features Psy and several older men dressed in suits behaving badly.

Much like his video for "Gangnam Style," which went viral and created a dance craze, the video for "Gentleman" features a lot of dancing. The main move Psy does in his latest video is the "Arrogant Dance," which was made popular by the Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls.

"I hope to continue remaking Korean songs and dance moves and introducing them to the global music industry," Psy said at the Saturday show.

The concert and video release came during a period of heightened tension between South and North Korea.

When asked about North Korea, Psy said: "It's tragedy. We are the only country divided right now. We're really close to there [North Korea], so they can hear ... our voice."

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