Netanyahu: Israel may act alone on Iran

JERUSALEM, April 7 (UPI) -- In remarks on Yad Vashem, Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu promised Israel would defend itself against Iran perpetrating another Holocaust.

Netanyahu reaffirmed his stance that Israel will act unilaterally to strike Iran if the nation is close to creating a nuclear weapon, The Times of Israel said Sunday. The annual Israeli Holocaust remembrance offered stark historical precedent for such an attack, he said.


"Iran is warning openly about its intentions to destroy us and is working with all its might to carry it out," Netanyahu said. "The hate against Jews hasn't disappeared, but has morphed into a murderous hate against the Jewish state. We won't leave our fate in the hands of others, even the best of our friends. ... Here, and today, I promise -- there will never be another Holocaust."

Israeli President Shimon Peres, speaking at the same service, lamented the anti-Semitism that still exists in the world, even after an estimated 6 million European Jews were systematically killed by the Nazi regime during World War II.

"The civilized world must ask itself, how in such a short space of time after the crematoria were extinguished, after the terrible death toll that the allied powers endured to put an end to the Nazi devil, is it still possible for the leadership, like that of Iran, to openly deny the Holocaust and threaten another Holocaust," Peres said. "Whoever ignores the threat against one nation, must know that the threat of a Holocaust against one nation is a threat of a Holocaust against all nations."


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