Tunisians urged to 'complete' democracy

March 28, 2013 at 12:36 PM
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TUNIS, Tunisia, March 28 (UPI) -- Activists at a social movement forum have called on Tunisians to determine their country's future by pushing for further changes in government.

"The revolution is still going on," a member of the Occupy Wall Street movement who identified himself as Shawn told a gathering at the World Social Forum in Tunis.

He added, "It is not complete until you change the power dynamics," Tunisia Live reported Thursday. "Many Tunisians I have met told me that now we have the freedom to speak, but no one hears us."

"We are here to occupy the place of the birth of freedom, and we are all leaders in the sense we determine our future," said a member of Spain's 15-M Movement.

Shawn and others urged participants not to wait passively for Tunisia to draft a new constitution or form a new government, which he said would not deal with issues of justice, fair wages or women's rights.

The grievances of activists around the world are "aligned," Shawn said. "What I say to Tunisians is welcome to the world of fake democracy. The struggle is not over yet."

The forum began Tuesday at Manar University.

Some 4,578 organizations are registered to participate in the event, organizers say, and 20,000 people from 127 countries are expected to attend. It is scheduled to end Saturday with a march in support of Palestinians.

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