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Dolan visits Roman church

ROME, March 10 (UPI) -- Scores of people came to see Cardinal Timothy M. Dolan at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church Sunday in Rome, parishioners said.

Dolan met with many of the worshipers, kissed babies, hugged parishioners and joked with the media, The New York Times said.


Dolan did not say who he would support as the next pope, how long the selection process would take or his own candidacy.

"Boy, it's good to see you all!" he said when asked a probing question.

But he did say he is "anxious to get started," the Times reported, and made a joke about sneaking a candy bar into the conclave, which will begin Tuesday.

His visit to the church was one of many in Rome Sunday, as cardinals visited their titular assigned churches that they visit periodically.

Parishioners said they believe Dolan would make a good pope based on his easy going and funny nature.

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