'Harlem Shake' investigation protested

TUNIS, Tunisia, Feb. 26 (UPI) -- Tunisian students protested outside of a high school after the Education Ministry said it would investigate a "Harlem Shake" video filmed at the school.

A group of students and school officials at a Imam Moslem high school in Tunis came under fire after the "Harlem Shake" -- a video craze involving one person dancing while a room full of people stays still, then the entire group suddenly joins in the chaotic dance -- was filmed at the school Saturday.


Tunisian Education Minister Abdeltif Abid said Sunday there would be an investigation, and questioned why the director of the school would allow such a video to be made.

"What happened is an insult to the educational message and whoever contributed will be held responsible," Abid said.

An anonymous hacker group supporting the students' actions attacked the ministry's website, leaving an Internet meme "troll face" with the message "YOU MAD?" Tunisia Live reported. Students protested the government's investigation by refusing to attend school Monday.

Souad Abderrahim, a National Constituent Assembly member whose son participated in the "Harlem Shake" video, defended the video, but agreed it violated some rules.


"As a mother and a politician, I believe dance is a form of expression and creativity, but I denounce some of the violations that happened," she said. "Most pupils were there to watch a dance that is popular around the world. There were no major violations like violent incidents, but there were some acts that were provocative to some, and I apologize not for the dance, which is a form of expression, but for the violations that happened."

She said any action against those responsible should be taken by the school's administration.

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