McAfee says he's disguised himself

Nov. 14, 2012 at 10:03 PM
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AMBERGRIS CAYE, Belize, Nov. 14 (UPI) -- Computer antivirus software pioneer John McAfee, sought for questioning in the slaying of a neighbor in Belize, says he's disguised himself as he evades police.

McAfee, the 67-year-old founder of the U.S. antivirus company that bears his name, told Wired magazine in periodic phone updates he had dyed his hair, eyebrows, beard and mustache black.

"I have modified my appearance in a radical fashion," McAfee was quoted by Wired Wednesday. "I'll probably look like a murderer, unfortunately."

Police in Belize said they had detained three people for questioning in the death of McAfee's 52-year-old neighbor, Gregory Faull, CNN reported.

Wired said the three detainees were one of McAfee's bodyguards, William Mulligan; his groundskeeper, Cassian Chavaria; and a local taxi driver, Cesar Trapp.

"This is exactly what happened to Soviet dissidents when Stalin took power. If they could not catch the man himself, they rounded up all of his friends," said McAfee, who added he fears he would be tortured or killed by police.

Faull's body was found Sunday, two days after four of McAfee's dogs were found dead. He had been shot in the back in the head in his home on Ambergris Caye, about 300 yards from McAfee's home.

National Police spokesman Raphael Martinez said the three detentions were not unusual in a homicide investigation and that investigators were pursuing multiple leads. He said authorities wanted to question McAfee "to allay the fears of everybody" that he wasn't involved in the killing, CNN said.

Faull was killed within a day after an employee of McAfee called police to report four of McAfee's 11 dogs had been poisoned.

Faull had often complained about the dogs' barking, Wired magazine reported.

McAfee admitted to Wired there were harsh feelings between him and Davis, and that they had "spoken maybe 50 words total" in the past three years.

McAfee hid from police who showed up at his home Sunday by burying himself in sand and covering his head with a cardboard box. He said he spent 18 hours hiding on his property before fleeing. Since then, he said he has traveled by boat, cowered in taxis and slept in a lice-infested bed.

"The police have been to my house seven times," he said. "I expect them to uncover a cache of fully automatic weapons, 4 tons of cocaine. Maybe a Soviet submarine."

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