Nazi's sister hid Jews during Holocaust

BRUSSELS, Nov. 5 (UPI) -- The sister of a Belgian Nazi leader hid three Jewish people in her home near Brussels during the Holocaust, said one of the survivors.

Hanna Nadel, now 86, said she, her mother and her niece were hidden in the home of the sister of Leon Degrelle, identified only as "M. Cornet." Degrelle was a leader of the Belgian Nazi Rexen movement, the Jewish Telegraph Agency reported Monday.


The Belgian Nazi Rexen movement was responsible for deporting Jews to concentration camps during Germany's occupation of Belgium.

Nadel said she, her mother and her niece escaped deportation orders and were wandering the streets of the town of Sint-Genesius Rode, where they came across a help wanted sign on Cornet's door.

Cornet hired the three on the spot; the mother as a cook and Nadel and her niece as chambermaids, Nadel said. Cornet knew the three women were Jewish and promised them they would survive.

When members of the Flemish Nazi movement would dine at Nadel's home, the three Jewish women would hide in the basement.

Nadel immigrated to Israel after the war.

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