Thai man posed as cosmetics doctor

BANGKOK, Sept. 21 (UPI) -- A Thai man who posed as a cosmetics doctor has been arrested after police said one of his injections left a woman comatose.

Thanat Natveerakul, 24, told police he had performed beauty injections on more than 20 women, the Bangkok Post reported.


A few minutes after she was injected Sunday, Athitiya Eiamyai, 33, was unconscious. Her heart stopped and her brain was starved of oxygen for at least 4 minutes, doctors said.

The woman remains in a coma in intensive care. Family members said doctors don't expect her to recover.

After he surrendered to police Thursday night, Natveerakul said he normally charged $16-$32 for injections to whiten the skin and increase the buttocks size.

He said he charged Eiamyai $1,300 because he used an imported filler material later reported to be collagen.

Natveerakul admitted he wasn't licensed to perform the procedure but that he used to work at a clinic where his job was to give injections.

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