Beijing flood death toll at 77

BEIJING, July 26 (UPI) -- The heaviest rains Beijing has seen in three decades have killed at least 77 people, the city's Flood Control and Drought Relief Office said Thursday.

Sixty-six bodies have been identified with 11 more still under investigation, People's Daily reported. The Beijing government said Wednesday the rains have caused $1.8 billion in economic damage.


Some residents were concerned the government was not releasing timely figures on the death toll, with no update from Sunday, when 37 were reported dead, to Wednesday, a commentary in People's Daily said.

"Information disclosure is a dynamic process rather than a static product," the commentary said. "Only by responding to public concerns through various channels in a timely manner, can we better guarantee people's right to know and to a larger extent win the recognition and support of people from all walks of life."

Some segments of the public also appear to be dissatisfied with the weather alert and disaster rescue system, with few residents receiving rainstorm alerts from the government, the official Xinhua news agency said.

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