Sweden receives Link 16 capabilities

NEUILLY, France, July 23 (UPI) -- Thales of France reports it has delivered a new network management system for data exchange and Link 16 infrastructure to the Swedish military.

The NMS and Link 16 capabilities were supplied on schedule under a 2009 contract from the Swedish Defense Material Administration.


"The new Thales NMS will enable Swedish Link 16 enabled platforms to exchange tactical data in a secure manner with the Swedish national command-and-control system, as well as providing monitoring for frequency clearance agreements and management of the Link 16 network," Thales said.

"This means that Link 16 equipped tactical units can now share data in a coordinated manner and provide the military customer with a readily available and combined picture of the operational environment, using data from fighters as well as from other sources, including ground reconnaissance and surveillance aircraft."

Link 16 is the secure, jam-resistant NATO-standard tactical datalink.

Thales said its system for the Link 16 capability required a central NMS with remote radio sites situated across the country.

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