Israeli navy seeks purchase of four ships

JERUSALEM, July 9 (UPI) -- The Israeli navy is looking to purchase four 1,200-ton vessels for 3 billion shekels ($760 billion) to deploy at gas rigs being built in the Mediterranean Sea.

The proposal to purchase the ships was pending government approval as of Monday, The Jerusalem Post reported. Each ship is expected to be equipped with an advanced radar system, a helicopter, surface-to-surface missiles and a long-range air defense system.


The ships are expected to protect gas rigs and pipelines in the Mediterranean Sea from incoming missiles and other threats.

"The size of the gas reservoirs is larger than the size of the State of Israel and has significant consequences for how we operate and how we grow," Adm. Ram Rothberg said. "The main solution is to be present in the area to protect the rigs and ensure that the gas reaches Israel."

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