Sweden gives illegal aliens healthcare

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, June 28 (UPI) -- Immigrants living illegally in Sweden have a right to subsidized healthcare in emergencies and for their children, a government minister said Thursday.

The center-right governing coalition is working with the Green Party on a new immigration policy, the Swedish news agency TT and The reported. Asa Romson, a Green spokeswoman, described the new healthcare policy as an important first step.


Social Affairs Minister Goran Hagglund, leader of the Christian Democratic Party, said children of illegal immigrants will have full health coverage until they reach 18 years of age. Adults will be able to get care in emergencies and for acute conditions.

The package is the same as that currently granted asylum seekers.

"This has been a really important reform for the undocumented immigrants to have confidence in Swedish healthcare and to be able to get care when they need it, and to be able to turn to the hospital and health clinics," Romson said.

She said the government and Green Party are still discussing education rights, family reunification and labor migration.

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