Breivik: Insanity report 'evil fiction'

April 25, 2012 at 8:24 AM
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OSLO, Norway, April 25 (UPI) -- Anders Breivik, who confessed to killing 77 people in Oslo, Norway, last summer, testified a psychiatric report that found him insane was "evil fiction."

In Wednesday's session, the court also heard from survivors of Breivik's rampage on July 22, in which he detonated a bomb at the government center in downtown Oslo, killing eight, then went on a shooting spree at nearby Utoya Island, killing 69 people, the British publication The Daily Telegraph reported.

"The report is evil fiction. This is not me," Breivik said during his trial. "If I had read about the person described, I would have agreed: That person belongs in mental hospital, but it is not me."

"A lot of the sentences makes me look like a retard," he said. "They've deliberately left out pronouns."

Some of the nine survivors of his bomb attack on the government building last summer read statements to the court while others statements were read into the record.

One person expressed fear of visiting the government center since the bombing.

One survivor, Vidar Vestli, said in a statement his chest was "full of shrapnel" and he lost his leg because of the explosion. He couldn't attend the hearing because of the severity of his injuries, the Telegraph said.

Vestli's statement said his mental health "has hit rock bottom." He was in Oslo to pick up his wife, a government employee.

Survivor Eivind Dahl Thoresen testified about being caught up in the blast then being rushed to a hospital for emergency surgery. He said he was hospitalized for three weeks and doctors still find shrapnel in his body.

"Psychologically, I have been able to talk openly and that seems very positive, according to the counselors," he said.

The court also heard the last of the eight coroner's reports on the bombing victims.

Many openly wept when hearing the victim accounts and coroner's reports, the Telegraph reported. Breivik showed no expression.

A decision on Breivik's sanity will determine whether he is imprisoned or sent to a psychiatric institution, the BBC reported.

The court received two conflicting reports on Breivik's sanity. One, which Breivik is contesting, said he was legally insane and the other determined he was accountable for his actions.

Breivik has pleaded not guilty to terrorism charges arising from the attacks, claiming "self-defense." he previously admitted his actions but claimed they were justified because he was waging war against multi-culturalism and what termed a Muslim invasion of Europe.

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