Israel warns of terror plot in Sinai

JERUSALEM, April 21 (UPI) -- Israel Saturday warned its citizens to leave Egypt's Sinai Peninsula due to an increased threat of a terrorist attack against tourists in the area.

The National Security Council's counter-terrorism bureau raised the alert level for Sinai from an advisory to a warning after uncovering intelligence that a terrorist plot was in the works.


The new advisory called on Israelis to contact any friends or relatives vacationing in Sinai and advise them of the threat.

Sinai has been a popular getaway for Israelis, but The Jerusalem Post said security had deteriorated since the ouster of Egyptian president Hosni Mubarak last year. The unraveling has allowed extremists to get a foothold in the area and carry out kidnappings and pipeline bombings.

Haaretz said the new Egyptian government ramped up its counter-terrorism forces in Sinai two weeks ago at the same time Israeli officials were reporting a spike in the number of attacks against Israeli territory they had thwarted.

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