Paramedics' defibrillator stolen at call

TORONTO, April 11 (UPI) -- Toronto police and Emergency Medical Services issued a plea Wednesday for the return of a defibrillator stolen during an emergency home response.

EMS personnel responded to an emergency call Tuesday night at an apartment building in the northwest part of the city, the Toronto Star reported.


While they were tending to the patient, the defibrillator and cardiac monitor was stolen, EMS spokeswoman Kim McKinnon told UPI.

The size of a small briefcase, the device is unlike Automatic External Defibrillators found increasingly in major venues. The AEDs audibly and visually coach laypeople through the process of electrically shocking a stopped heart, whereas the stolen EMS device doesn't and should only be used by medical professionals, McKinnon said.

She said the patient was treated and transported to hospital despite the theft.

McKinnon said EMS didn't want to put a value on the stolen device as it's worthless and also dangerous in untrained hands.

It was only the second time one of the units has been stolen in Canada's largest city, she said.

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