Politicians: Egypt's tourists can party on

CAIRO, Jan. 16 (UPI) -- Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party says there will be no new restrictions placed on tourists visiting the country in coming months.

At a meeting on tourism Sunday, the Islam-based party, which is playing a key role in the new Egyptian government, said tourists will continue to have the freedom to wear bikinis at beaches and have full access to all types of food and beverages, including alcohol, reported.


"The party regrets the decline in tourism and other economic activities as one of the repercussions of the January 25 revolution," said Ahmed Suleiman, chairman of the political party's tourism committee.

Suleiman added the party is committed to increasing "the rates of tourism in the coming period," and that the tourism regulations "would remain the same as before the revolution and this sector will not be subjected to any changes as long as the FJP is represented in the Parliament."

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