Police say lone gunman attacked Belgian city center

LIEGE, Belgium, Dec. 13 (UPI) -- A lone assailant lobbed grenades and opened fire in Liege, Belgium, Tuesday, killing at least five people and himself, and wounding 122 more, officials said.

The Guardian reported Nordine Amrani, 33, of Liege, who police called a "gun freak" who had served time on weapons and drug charges, conducted his deadly attack in a central square crowded with Christmas shoppers.


Police said Amrani showed up at Place St. Lambert with hand grenades, a rifle and a revolver. He threw three grenades and then started shooting before eventually taking his own life with the handgun, police said.

The Guardian said many of the injured were in grave condition.

Authorities ruled out organized terrorism in the attack but it was unclear what may have motivated the killer.

"It was an isolated act which has sown sorrow in the heart of the city," Mayor Willy Demeyer said.

The British newspaper said King Albert II and Queen Paola visited the stricken city, which it described as in a state of shock.

Liege resident Kevin Hauzeur told CNN he sought cover after hearing a "huge explosion and two or three gunshots."


A delivery man, Dimitri Degryse, told The Guardian he was driving by when the gunman started the carnage.

"I heard an explosion and I thought there was something wrong with my car," he said. "Then a second grenade went off, I saw smoke and heard several shots.

"People were lying bleeding on the ground. I stopped to help them. We tried to get the wounded off the street as quickly as possible."

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