Syria test-fires Scud B and other missiles

DAMASCUS, Syria, Dec. 5 (UPI) -- Syria test-fired at least one Scud B missile and other missiles "with accuracy" near the Iraqi border, officials said.

State television released footage of the tests, which SANA, the country's official news agency, said were aimed at proving the military's capability "to defend the homeland."


The test-firings "all achieved their goal with accuracy," the report said.

Israeli television reports said Scud B missiles have a range of about 190 miles. The reports said other surface-to-surface missiles, with a range of up to 124 miles, were also fired in the tests.

Israeli military sources said the drill was to show the international community what President Bashar Assad's regime is capable of despite the mounting isolation he faces over his treatment of anti-government protesters, Channel One said.

Gen. Dawood Abdullah Rajha, deputy commander of the Syrian army and minister of defense, said the country's armed forces, under Assad's leadership, "will remain loyal to their homeland and will defend the interests of the Syrian people," SANA reported.

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