German authorities unite against neo-Nazis

BERLIN, Nov. 19 (UPI) -- Germany's regional police and state and federal authorities say they'll work more closely to track neo-Nazi and other extremist groups to prevent attacks.

German Interior Minister Hans-Peter Friedrich said at a news conference after a meeting Friday with the justice minister that regional authorities and state and federal wings of the Office for the Protection of the Constitution would join in targeting neo-Nazis and other extremists, CNN reported.


"We are facing a new form of right-wing extremist terrorism," Friedrich said.

He said a new database will include all information on neo-Nazis and other extremists collected by police and the intelligence service.

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The meeting Friday came after the arrest last week of two suspects believed to be members of a neo-Nazi terror cell in the killings of at least 10 people, most of Turkish and Greek origins, over a number of of years.

Before the arrests, police did not believe the killings were committed by the same people.

Two of the suspects in the murders were found in a burning motor home Nov. 4, CNN said.

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Their housemate turned herself in to police after setting off a bomb in the eastern German town of Zwickau, and another man was arrested Sunday on suspicion of involvement in terrorist activities.


An expert on right-wing extremism, Hajo Funke, said more needs to be done to target extremists.

"What needs to be done is a complete change of Germany's security structure," Funke told CNN. "Local police and state officials need to take a closer look at the thousands of dangerous neo-Nazis, especially in the east of Germany."

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A list found in a burned home included names of politicians who may have been in danger of being attacked by terrorists, Jerzy Montag, a member of the German Parliament for the green party, told CNN.

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