Somalis deny Mogadishu rendition center

MOGADISHU, Somalia, Sept. 9 (UPI) -- Somalia officials deny reports of a U.S.-led detention center in Mogadishu used to interrogate terror suspects.

The British human rights group Reprieve told the BBC they have evidence of an underground prison beneath the Somali presidential compound.


Claira Gutteridge from Reprieve said she has evidence of the location from multiple sources. She said the prisoners were mostly Somali, some of them young teenagers. While the guards are Somali, the CIA has access to the prisoners, she told the British broadcaster.

Somali Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohammed Ali denies the allegation. "I do not have that information and that information does not exist," he told the BBC.

Ali, however, said the United States is helping the U.N.-backed transitional government. Islamist militants with known ties to al-Qaida control much of southern and central Somalia, the report said.

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