Ex-bishop's computer has torture pictures

OTTAWA, Aug. 5 (UPI) -- Ottawa police say they found thousands of images depicting torture on the computer of an ex-bishop who pleaded guilty to charges involving child pornography.

Police said at a sentencing hearing Thursday the "borderline" sexual images were in addition to the 588 images of actual child pornography, about 60 videos and a selection of child porn stories found on Raymond Lahey's computer, the Ottawa Sun reported.


When defense lawyer Solomon Friedman questioned detective Andrew Thompson about the nature of the images, suggesting some were less obscene nude poses, Thompson disagreed.

"There was also torture and stuff like that," Thompson said, adding that some of the stories "were extremely hard core."

Lahey, 71, pleaded guilty in May to importing child pornography. He had been arrested in September 2009.

The ex-bishop, who has not yet been sentenced, is being held in custody to get a head start on his minimum prison time of one year, officials said.

Sentencing hearings will continue in December, with evidence being provided by psychiatrists who examined Lahey.

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