Laser hits pilot as plane nears Moscow

MOSCOW, July 26 (UPI) -- Police in Moscow say they are searching for someone who allegedly used a laser pointer to try to blind the pilot of a plane landing at Russia's largest airport.

The type of aircraft and the number of passengers on board the flight landing at the Domodedovo airport late Monday was not yet known, RIA Novosti reported.


Police were searching an area in west Moscow for a suspect.

Russian authorities have reported an increase in incidents of pilots being blinding by lasers at Russian airports, with 30 reports so far this year.

At least three of the incidents happened at Domodedovo International Airport last month, they said.

A bill to create jail terms for anyone attempting to blind pilots or thwart air traffic is currently before the lower house of the Russian Parliament, the State Duma, RIA Novosti reported.

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