Bad day for Taliban in Afghanistan

KABUL, Afghanistan, July 3 (UPI) -- Joint Afghan and NATO security forces killed or arrested Taliban suspects in Afghanistan in at least 10 operations, the alliance said in a release Sunday.

The International Security Assistance Force said Saturday was a productive day, topped by a firefight in Kunduz province where several Taliban suspects carrying AK-47 assault rifles were gunned down. The military didn't give a specific number of deaths.


ISAF said there were also several incidents in the southern province of Kandahar in which Taliban "facilitators" were taken into custody and roadside bomb caches were found and seized.

Two Taliban suspects were also arrested in Helmand province, the release said.

ISAF said several skirmishes in Nangarhar province resulted in several suspects being killed and arrested and the discovery of 70 pounds of dynamite.

A significant cache of weapons was seized by ISAF troops in Herat province that included rockets, launchers, grenades and TNT, the report said.

There was no report of injuries among Afghan or NATO troops.

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