Colombia prepares for future rainy seasons

BOGOTA, June 27 (UPI) -- The Colombian government will invest $14.5 billion to prevent future weather-related damage similar to that being experienced this year, officials said.

National Disaster Fund President Jorge Londono said the funding is part of the country's national development plan through for 2010-2014 that calls for implementing defense mechanisms against future flooding and other seasonal disasters until 2014, Caracol Radio reported Monday.


"In order to return the right to security from natural tragedies to Colombians, this plan will move the country forward in adapting to the climate situation," Londono said.

The government called on local authorities to work through the after-effects of the La Nina weather pattern that caused devastating floods, landslides and road collapses.

The country's Caribbean, Pacific and Andean regions were hit hardest by the rains, which have been impacting Colombia for more than a year.

This year's rainy season is one of the worst in the history of the country, claiming the lives of 116 people and affecting more than 2.8 million Colombians.

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