Archbishop has right to his opinion

June 9, 2011 at 10:22 AM
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LONDON, June 9 (UPI) -- Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams has a right to his opinion, even if he's wrong, British officials said.

Williams, in an article written as guest editor in this week's New Statesman magazine, said the public is gripped by "fear" over British reforms to education and retirement, The Daily Telegraph reported.

Williams blamed British Prime Minister David Cameron for pushing through "radical policies for which no one voted."

"With remarkable speed, we are being committed to radical, long-term polices for which no one voted," Williams wrote. "At the very least, there is an understandable anxiety about what democracy means in such a context."

Downing Street said Cameron has public support for his budget cuts.

"This government was elected to tackle the U.K.'s deep-rooted problems," said a Cameron representative. "Its clear policies on education, welfare, health and the economy are necessary to ensure we're on the right track. We strongly believe the public understands the need to make reforms in the various areas he is talking about."

In a report in The Guardian, Business Secretary Vince Cable said he is "baffled" by Williams' comments.

"The two parties of the coalition got substantially more than half the total vote at the last election and the public knew that we were going to have to embark on very difficult changes, connected with sorting out the massive budget deficit problem," Cable said.

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