Bin Laden tied to Manchester bomb plot

LONDON, May 21 (UPI) -- Osama bin Laden's files show he was behind a foiled 2009 bomb plot in England, British officials say.

The Daily Telegraph, citing government sources, reported the CIA has passed intelligence from the bin Laden raid to Britain's MI5 linking the al-Qaida chief directly to the so-called Easter shopping terror plot in Manchester.


A suspected terrorist cell was arrested in Manchester in 2009, accused of plotting to explode city landmarks during the holiday, but police could not bring charges for lack of evidence.

An attempt last year to deport the alleged ringleader to Pakistan was blocked because he said he would be tortured in his homeland. He has since been rearrested under a U.S. warrant and is fighting extradition.

Counter-terrorism cooperation and intelligence-sharing is expected to top the agenda when President Barack Obama visits London next week and meets with Prime Minister David Cameron.

Sources tell the Telegraph the Americans had been holding some secrets back from the British to guard the bin Laden operation.

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