4 Israelis push for captive's release

EREZ CROSSING, Israel, May 12 (UPI) -- Four Israeli men posted an Internet video calling on Israelis to enter Hamas territory if captive soldier Gilad Shalit hasn't been freed by June 21.

The four men, who posted the video titled "We Save Gilad on June 21," said, "We shall come to the Erez crossing and try to pull Shalit out ourselves," Israel's YNetnews reported Thursday.


Hamas and Egyptian officials Tuesday discussed guidelines for swapping Arab prisoners for Shalit, YNetnews said.

"We started working three weeks ago, before the Yoel Shalit incident," said one of the four men, referring to Tuesday's incident during which Shalit's brother, Yoel, interrupted Israel Independence Day speeches to shout that his brother is still alive.

"We checked what the people really think using Facebook. Banners and stickers will not get people on board. The aim is to … get as many people to come to the Erez crossing on that day to protest," one of the four said.

"The government does not represent the majority of the people in negotiating Shalit's release. We would like Shalit to be freed by putting great pressure on Hamas, by releasing prisoners or by military action. Perhaps breaking the barrier is risky, but I still trust the [Israeli military]," he said.


The men said they did not collaborate their actions with the Shalit family.

"Revolutions started this way all around the Middle East, and this is our

protest," one of them said.

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