Libya rape victim flees to Tunisia

TUNIS, Tunisia, May 8 (UPI) -- Eman al-Obeidy, the Libyan woman who accused Moammar Gadhafi's soldiers of gang rape, says she has fled for her life to Tunisia.

Al-Obeidy told CNN she crossed the border in a head cover that revealed only one eye, with the help of a military officer who was defecting with his family.


She said their car was stopped at several checkpoints but the officer's military credentials got them through.

European diplomats then drove her to Tunis and are giving her sanctuary there, diplomatic sources told CNN.

Al-Obeidy said she is still in danger and hopes for asylum abroad.

The woman burst into a Tripoli hotel March 26 while foreign journalists were eating breakfast and screamed that she had been held for two days while 15 men raped and beat her.

In April, she said she was still being harassed by Gadhafi's forces in Tripoli and her rape case was not proceeding.

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