Part of Misurata fuel terminal destroyed

MISURATA, Libya, May 7 (UPI) -- The main fuel terminal in Misurata, Libya, was in flames Saturday after being rocketed by Moammar Gadhafi's forces, rebel officials said.

The barrage began just after midnight, officials in the besieged western Libyan city told The New York Times.


Three huge tanks erupted into a fireball visible for miles, and Misurata awoke under a cloud of black smoke, but no one was wounded, officials said.

The attack followed a pinpoint attack on the port, the city's only link to the outside, Thursday night.

Firefighters worked through the night and into Saturday to keep the fire from spreading beyond the three destroyed storage tanks.

The destroyed tanks had contained a total of 4.5 million gallons of diesel fuel and gasoline, said Muftah Bazina, the terminal's director.

Misurata has been cut off from fuel deliveries since the uprising began in February but went into the siege with large reserves.

Bazina would not say how much fuel the city had left after the terminal attack.

Impact craters and remains of Czechoslovak-made 1980s rockets littered the ground around the remaining tanks.

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